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A graduate of Harding University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, a Master of Science in restorative justice practices, and as an International Coaching Federation certified affiliate communication and leadership coach, Lamar Culpepper leads educational seminars and workshops and provides coaching services. He is the owner of United Seminars, LLC.

Having delivered public and private seminars serving more than 12,500 people over 12 years both independently and for one of the largest public seminar companies in America, he has mastered delivering professional and personal development content on more than 20 topics in the areas of written and oral communication, public speaking, interpersonal relationship skills development, conflict resolution, leadership, management and supervision, creative problem solving, and emotional intelligence.

He also develops and implements programs in prisons and jails and reentry programs benefitting inmates and their families, prison and jail administrations, and the receiving communities.  Programs include Restoring Success: A Restorative Workshop, which includes experiential development of restorative justice practices for responsibly addressing harm and damaged relationships, Concentric Communication Circles, which facilitates community reintegration, and the Freedom at the Wall series, The Power of Choice, and The Future Now, that cultivate cognitive management, communication, and leadership skills that empower people in personal responsibility and develop emotional intelligence, for which news coverage was provided by a Fox News affiliate in South Carolina.

He has served as Southeast regional director for the End Violence Project in Philadelphia and led the six-month program, Leadership and Transformational Thinking Workshop, evaluated program delivery effectiveness, contributed to the program manual revision, and trained and coached prospective program leaders. He implemented the program in Florida and Georgia prisons, the first outside the Philadelphia area.  He also served as the chairman of the board of directors for the Rosebud Advocacy in Atlanta, Georgia, an organization promoting or providing programs and services for inmates and ex-offenders, worked with court-adjudicated youth at the Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center in Alexander, Arkansas and in residential treatment mental health for seven years serving juveniles in Bradenton, Florida, and he served as an assisted care living facility administrator in Bradenton, Florida.

For over two years Mr. Culpepper led guest seminars known as “Introductions to the Landmark Forum” for potential customers of Landmark Education, a global educational organization that is cutting edge in the training and development industry. In addition, he trained new Introduction to the Landmark Forum leaders, coaching in four six-month Introduction Leaders Programs and served as head coach for one program in Orlando.