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Communication in Effective Writing
Review and refresh your fundamental language usage and composition skills that you may have learned but had forgotten over the years.
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Performance and Productivity
Be equipped for responsibly managing your emotional reactions, which will provide a previously unavailable freedom and power for being self-disciplined beyond what you have known.
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Coaching for Effective Communication and Leadership
Let's discover what makes you the leader who can expand an enterprise by creating leaders through your opportunities to personally empower others.
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Administration and Customer Service
Learn to effectively communicate with customers such that the employee can be powerfully responsible for successful outcomes regardless of the situation.
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Mr. Lamar Culpepper and colleagues lead educational seminars and workshops and provide coaching services under United Seminars, LLC, delivering public and private seminars serving more than 9,000 people over 12 years.
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Police OfficerMilitary Storage SpecialistDispatcher
The course allowed for a lot of participation by all attendees. This is a very necessary part of any course—to allow people to actually experience what is being taught. Any instructor can read, but Lamar kept my attention throughout the entire seminar. It also showed me that I can deal with coworkers in a rational and calm demeanor without losing my temper. I will be a better listener, and I will be able to understand what people are saying to me on calls or in the office. This will allow me to handle situations more calmly and professionally. Great job!
Police Officer
Syracuse, New York
The seminar met and exceeded my expectations. Information was thorough and explained in terms all could understand, based on responses and participation. The seminar leader was on track and delivered information effectively. He had the ability to bring things full-circle in ways that made me think more about the material and how it could be used in my personal life.
Military Storage Specialist
Gainesville, Georgia
Since my position involves communication with the public and handling complaints all day, the tools learned in this seminar will help keep tempers in control when elevated. I can share this learning experience with my officers to help them do the same. Mr. Culpepper is not only clearly well trained in communication, but he is very ‘user-friendly.’ He remembered to call everyone by their first name from the first day, and he was very engaging.
Atlanta, Georgia
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