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We present effective adult education that inspires excellence and leadership in both professional and personal development.

Thoughts from Our Students​

The seminar completely met my expectations! Great class! The information has given staff members the ‘tools’ to overcome their own personal emotional challenges and know how to ‘deactivate’ their ‘reactive’ behaviors in times of stress. This was a great class to develop personal power and enhance the human potential!


Hartford, Connecticut

The seminar was great. It was great to find out that I’m not responsible for other people’s actions—a big relief after 53 years! I’m sure I will be a better—and more tactful—supervisor. This is the best seminar I have attended. It doesn’t just make me a better person but also teaches me how to bring out the best in others.


Watertown, New York

I was glad to learn that the communication skills taught can be applied not only in the workplace but in personal relationships as well. The skills I’ve learned in this seminar will allow management to communicate more effectively with employees and provide positive coaching as well as handle negative situations more confidently.

Office Supervisor

Tampa, Florida

I feel like I am better prepared for communicating in challenging situations because the dialogue I can have will be more effective. I will have understanding of the words I choose and how they are perceived by the receiver/listener, and I have an understanding of how to listen effectively, too.

Registered Nurse

Atlanta, Georgia

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