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Writing Courses
Communication in Effective Writing
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This one-day course delivers information needed for business and technical writing.  You will also be provided formats and protocols for business correspondence, reports, procedures, summaries, memos, press releases, mission statements, and emails.  Your business and technical writing will meet expectations for formatting, clarity, and completeness, which you will have the opportunity to practice in exercises during the course.

The one-day or two-day course addresses intermediate and advanced grammar and punctuation with composition and editing exercises.  You will practice writing that includes the appropriate usage of clauses and phrases in complex sentences.  You will distinguish whether any written copy you review best expresses the intention of the writer.  You will practice editing the copy by using proofreading symbols for making revisions and rewriting the copy to best fulfill the writer’s intention.

The one-day course addresses basic and intermediate grammar and punctuation, capitalization, word usage, spelling, and numbers usage with exercises that include proofreading practice.  You will review and refresh your language usage.  While practicing basic proofreading for correcting your writing and that of others, you will review the rules of English you may have learned but had forgotten over the years.

This one-day course instills training in transformational thinking that empowers creativity.  You will be equipped with techniques that enable you to discover the opportunities for successful action in the face of obstacles.  Every failure becomes the threshold of breakthrough action and results.

This one-day course inspires women to re-examine their lives from a perspective on the past and present that provides insights into a new and empowered future.  You will discover your voice and the power to speak into existence new futures that you envision.  Regardless of whatever has happened in your past or the seemingly insurmountable obstacles you may be confronting now, you will be able to experience having the freedom to create and live the life that you say you want and have the power to take effective action aligned with your intentions and your personal values.

This one-day course establishes the foundation for all intentional, rather than reactive, communication and action.  You will assess your level of emotional intelligence and recognize areas for development in effective interpersonal relations.  You will be equipped to responsibly manage your emotional reactions, which will allow you the previously unavailable freedom and power to be self-disciplined beyond what you have known.

This one-day or two-day workshop provides the opportunity for participants to experience having choice in the face of circumstances that otherwise occur as insurmountable obstacles—the “wall.”  Participants face the wall and discover the key to freedom from the bondage of their own prisons.  Developed originally for working with the incarcerated, the methodology and experiential exercises effectively cause a shift in perceptual reality that allows for opening new views of the world, of other people, and of themselves beyond all past experiences.  The training also focuses on developing skills in leadership and communication that equip participants for effective and successful living.  The program is delivered for those who are incarcerated, for corrections staff, and for those in any organization intending to cause breakthroughs into new futures.

This one-day or two-day workshop is an extension of  “Freedom at the Wall:  The Power of Choice,” which is prerequisite to this program.  The more advanced training intends to further imbed principles and practices of responsible thinking and effective behavior for participants to become grounded in the experience of being free and living powerfully in the face of any challenge, in the moment, and without doubt.  New futures become real right here, right now.

Productive Courses
Effective and Productive Living
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Leadership Courses
Communication and Leadership
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This one-day or two-day course provides essential training in coaching skills and distinguishes clearly between coaching, mentoring, and counseling or therapy.  You will be trained in utilizing skills that include asking powerful questions and practicing advanced listening abilities.  You will discover what makes you the leader who can expand an enterprise by creating leaders through the personal empowerment of others.

This two-day course provides participants the ability to effectively manage their own emotions and to think and act intentionally in any situation.  You will have access to being able to interrupt your emotional reactions before they occur and mitigate the intensity of the emotions you experience.  You will be able to dispassionately and intentionally respond in situations of conflict and confrontation to interact in ways that resolve issues, to restore integrity for harm done and relationships damaged, and to create opportunities for new action.

This two-day training program provides both training and coaching for becoming a confident, engaging, motivating, and even inspiring presenter.  You will both be grounded in the techniques necessary for being an effective speaker and also have the opportunity to participate in powerful exercises that can cause breakthroughs in public speaking for you by overcoming embarrassment, anxiety, and even dread.  Anyone can become a dynamic and influential speaker.

This one-day course grounds participants in performance beyond the basics of a job description to create partnership that enhances relationships with both superiors, subordinates, and coworkers and achieves unprecedented results in productivity.  You will be able to experience your work as a significant contribution that is known and recognized as indispensable.

This one-day course excels excellence in customer service. Beyond applying techniques to “handle” customers, or better manage interactions with customers, this training causes employees to “be great” with customers in creating relationships that are purposeful and to effectively communicate with customers such that the employee can be powerfully responsible for successful outcomes regardless of the situation.

This one-day course is designed to provide techniques that enhance the skills needed to organize all the tasks that must be accomplished to maintain productivity. You will be able to utilize the tools and human resources to maximize scheduling effectiveness, to manage the actions you take within the time you have available, and to allocate and schedule work most efficiently.

This one-day course reviews both traditional and innovative approaches to personnel evaluation and discipline and considers the most effective and proactive.  You will distinguish the attitudes and approaches that result in counter-productive action and limited results caused by resistance from employees.  You will be equipped to create personnel evaluations and reviews that maximize commitment, encourage teamwork, and inspire engagement.

Administration Courses
Management and Customer Service
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